Thursday, December 3, 2009

Electric Bird Cage

London has all the best bars, and restaurants and interiors. The Electric Bird Cage in the West End neighborhood of London is everything I look for in a lounge and bar. I wish we had more great bars like this in Seattle. With lots and lots of pink touches! "Complete with carousel bar, lavish Vegas mirrors, stunning monochrome Fibonacci patterned walls and floor, imposing black stallions, giant bird cages, turquoise hand shaped chairs and lashings of fluorescent pink, the exaggerated splendour of The Electric Birdcage creates a magical environment in which to savour a superlative range of innovative cocktails, alongside contemporary Pan Asian cuisine."

1 comment:

raine turner said...

love your idea- and yes I have been following your blog even when you did not think anyone was--BUT -I have a huge favour-- how did you get the blank area to show comments??? I have tried-- and nothing
hoping you will find in your heart to help me-- I do and have had for awhile your blog showing on my fav's0-- hopefully that will give me some honour points!
PS- PINK is my favorite colour-- since I was about oh----4--- and I never baled on it- even when it was not popular-- that is what we do for friends- we stand by them when everyone else disses them for something or someone more popular!

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