Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sexy Chair

Wow! Look at these amazing lace chairs. So sexy! I could think of a million interiors that this chair would look great in. I think I'm a lace kick but I do actually love this chair. Looks like it only comes in black and white, but it would look so good in pink!

producer: L'ABBATE
materials: fiberglass, lace, steel
This project is the result of an intense study that embrace tradition as well as advanced technology; an idea emerged from reflections of contrasts. A fascination of a fusion between high performance composite materials, as glasfiber, and the aesthetics from the antique art of lace. With inspiration from working methods in the textile industry, we have been experimenting with various techniques applicable to the glasfiber. This project is a dialog between many specialized sectors, and different historical references.

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