Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wine with attitude

Well, the label says it all. Actually, I like to drink this wine when I'm having a really bad day and I just need that pick me up...this wine always helps me put things in prespective and makes me smile. And it's a good tasting wine! The first time I picked this up was a few years ago to take to a friends party. I recenly saw it again when I was shopping at a local Seattle wine store Esquin. It's still a good wine, so I picked up a few bottles. Can anyone say party at my house this weekend!

Some technical stuff:

I remember reading how there are strict regulations on exactly what can be on a wine label; nothing provocative, offensive, and no "dirty" words. Well, I was shocked, and truthfully so excited, to see this bottle as part of the Brix pix of the week; I guess the label-laws have relaxed! Yes, its "Bitch", an Australian Grenache produced by Chris Ringland of Three Rivers and imported by Dan Philips of the Grateful Palate. The back of the label is hysterical; its says "bitch" 77 times followed by "some more":So, yes, I had to purchase one for myself (2005 @ $12/bottle), and another for a good friend that seems to be passionate about, well, saying whatever is on her mind :). And the wine is actually quite amazing for the price: ruby; cherry; strawberry; a hint of spice; chocolate. Its a definite must to have in your collection, if just for the bitchin' label.

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