Thursday, May 22, 2008

Domino Pink Rooms

The home page of my tried and trusted favorite magazine and design site Domino has put together a slide show of 50 painted rooms. You can see every color of the rainbow! It's so inspiring. Here are a few of the pink rooms they included. The words below the pictures are stright from the Domino website."For a girl's room that's youthful but still elegant, choose a paint that's feminine but not saccahrine, and then layer pinks with upholstery and accessories. Rose Petal #2010-60"
"A pink and red palette and geometric themes play out in varying scales in the carpet, sheets, and bedside table. The hard lines of the metal bed keep the rosy room from becoming overly sentimental.Bermuda Breeze #1345"

"Bubblegum pink walls hold sway in this feminine, yet refined, bedroom. An ivory rug subdues the walls and understated artwork lends the room some gravitas, downplaying any potential prissiness.Latex Flat in Pink tiger #81RR"

"Pink is unexpected but warm and welcoming in a front entryway; deep-green curtains and retro-fashionable accessories keep the fanciful hue from getting too girly.Regal AquaPink latex in Authentic Pink"

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