Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Product Runway

This last weekend I was involved in a fashion show with outfits made out of interior design materials...everything from stone to carpet to drapes. I was on a team with local design firm, Gensler. They were kind enough to ask me to join their team as a student. We made an Elizabeth inspired cape and coller out of Tandus carpet. The project was time consuming fun and worth it in the end. All of the outfits were amazing! So much work and detail put into it. Did I mention that my team was in the top 6 out of 20! We were happy with that.

Check out Tandus carpet. They are a great sustainable green company and product. http://www.tandus.com/.

Gensler outfit taking the top 6.

And the winner of the competition was this carpet dress.

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kristi said...

glad you had a great time working with gensler & tandus on your amazing creation! it was an evening filled with excitement and energy. :)

we're looking forward to planning product runway 09! we'd love to have more student involvement with IDCW so let us know if you'd like to join in on more event for the upcoming year.

kristi hanna
IDCW VP of Allied Organizations

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